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          SUPER FORCE

Shark Project is team project we have launched to support our troops




Grady Barker

is a U.S. Navy sailor. He started his naval career in 1999. Grady has been around the world a couple of time with the military. His latest assignment is Bagram, Afghanistan. He is no stranger to this location. This will be his second tour here and his fourth to what they call the theater.  Theater to them means serving in combat zones. Grady keeps volunteering to be with his brother in arms and to help support his family. Grady also has a passion for classic cars. He is currently rebuilding a 1970 Barracuda with a 440 engine in it.  This Barracuda will be the first of many that Grady is going to try and restore. His main goal is to help support his bother in arms by teaming up with Super Shark to raise money for the troops by selling products with his Super Force logo.

A message from Grady Barker: I am your point of contact for Military pictures regarding Project Shark.  I am on stand by for anyone interested in supporting this project.



Key Concepts is a proud participant in the Shark Project and a portion of each home sale goes to support active Military Families across the US!