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 Biography Of a Super Shark 

It starts with a dream and when that dream becomes a purpose there is no telling what a passionate heart can do.

The story of Super Shark originated in the heart of a mother and her daughter.  They brought their love, compassion,  imagination and also hardships together to create this masterpiece- A Super Shark.  There's an irrefutable strength that comes from two women on a mission and there is no telling how great that mission can be when other kind compassionate people join in on that mission.  Through the strength of the two an alliance for a better humanity grew and other strong hearts came about to share in this adventure.  

The adventure took off and a message of
"together" we stand took on a whole new meaning.  The classic car or shall we say Super Shark brought together many people who just genuinely wanted to help other people.  This invisible alliance somehow linked together the most amazing people in the strangest of places. This force brought people together one-by-one at first, but as the message of Project Shark grew and grew the purpose of this mission became stronger as we united.  With each of us offering our own unique and personal support to this mission we all became filled with purpose. Empowered by our own given talents and strengths we all become stronger and were able to express the togetherness we all have hidden in our hearts. Together we united without boundaries or creeds and the message of goodwill for human kind was shared by people all over the world. Super Shark brought together people who would have not met otherwise. The people who reached out offered support were people like just us: US Navy, US Armed Forces, US Air Force, US Marines artists, writers and musicians, auto mechanics and engineers, preachers and teachers, lenders and Realtors, cashiers and CEO's, and attorneys, we are all one and the same! With this mission we are hoping to reach as many people as possible.  

The Super Shark reminds us that its never too late create a "new" adventure. We live in a world where loved ones can come into our lives and then go away in a moments notice, but the memories we have shared will nurture the soil of our hearts; and beauty will spring forth.  This is certainly worth fighting for because the adventures in life should never end...

Onward and upward as we continue to reach out... I am sure that one day soon our paths will meet.  

Super Shark

A Special Thanks Goes to:

Without the kindness of these wonderful people we would all be lost and less inspired
Cindie Paddilla, Kelli J Paddilla "The Super Shark Girl", Grady and Jodie Barker- US Navy, Gerald Romanoff -Trademark and Copyright Atty, Dr. David Benke- "American Hero", Denise Fernalld, Rick Samu
and a special thanks to the best darn Mustang Mechanics in the world!!! wait for it... The SharkMasters!!!... Ed and George !!